6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Their parents

Carl Stenberg was born September 1, 1885, on a farm near Horace, ND. He went to elementary school there and spent one winter in a blacksmith trade school. At the age of 21, he came to McKenzie County and filed on his homestead. That same winter he went east again and worked in the woods at Duluth, MN. He saved one hundred dollars from his winter’s work. With his savings, a horse, a mower, a rake, and a few personal belongings he moved onto his homestead in the spring of 1907.


(Emma) Louise Melby was born June 28, 1887 in Ferring, Norway. She emigrated to America in 1906. Her cousin, Ole (Gulbranson) Brodshaug sent her to come and keep house for him and his three small boys who were left without a mother because of death. They lived on a farm near Warren, ND. She worked for him and others until in 1910 when she came to McKenzie County and filed on a homestead joining Carl Stenberg’s.

On December 2, 1911, Carl Stenberg and Louise Melby were married. They made their adjoining homesteads a part of their farm, and lived and worked there the rest of their lives. Carl died March 10, 1959 and Louise October 7, 1962.


Carl was born to Agaton and Elsie (Jensen) Stenberg. He had five brothers (Olaf, John, Elias, Melvin and Oscar) and two sisters (Marie and Agnes).

Agaton Stenberg (1859-1937) was born and raised in Feiring, Norway. The son of Ole Anderson Stenberg and Karen (Skarre) Stenberg. He had three brothers: Daniel, Martin and Christian. He and Agaton emigrated to eastern North Dakota in about 1880.