6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

World War II Letters

What really initiated this whole documentary project is when I found letters that my grandfather had written during World War II. It wasn’t just one or two letters, it was 600 pages of letters sent over the course of his military service. I got into reading them and got to see my grandfather from a new angle: as someone my age, hoisted into an unknown and oftentimes cruel world. Additionally we have scanned letters that Henry wrote during World War II–they too give an insight into Henry’s interests and experiences. You may notice that some of the letters say V-mail on them. Before being sent overseas, these letters were scanned onto film and then the film (instead of the actual letters) was sent overseas. Once they reached their destination the letters were then printed out. This provided more cargo space for other wartime supplies, while still allowing for the soldiers to send and receive their messages.

Last but not least, we also found letters that my grandfather’s parents wrote to him during the war. As you can see, they were written in Norwegian so they have been translated as best possible. The English translations are typed below the letters.

If you have comments or corrections on the letters feel free to type them in the comments.