6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains



Dear son Christian,
Will now send you some words so you can see that we’re alive and everything is good and hope that it is just fine with you also. We have fine weather is holding up from 10 to 30 degrees. Have a little snow so Casper uses a sled and drives (?) with. Was at Mrs. Bergem’s house last Thursday and she works and strives as before, she has only 4 cows there but she has two (of?) Alma (Kunel? unclear) children, Dana and Bod (?), so she has plenty to do and the place was was (? worse) to grab hold of her again. On the 17th of January Nellie came home with a little colt. Coasper just (tog)? but Carl didn’t like to (have more?) to find pasture for. Dad now hopes that this awful war soon gets done so you (plural) come home and then you can use more horses.
Mrs. Iversen and Josef have traveled to California where Edwin is and they will also travel to Myrtel in Billinham so they’ll have a long trip. Grace Skri was with also. Haral Haugen and Mrs. are on the Iverson place while they are gone.
Had a preacher here who talked like? (the certain?) can not know (how it goes?) they must meet with (?the guard?) and Banks before they can (finish?) life well and greet (Herman?)
God bless and keep you. Heartfelt greetings, Mother