6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

July 8, 1945

7-8-1945 7-8-1945p2 7-8-1945p3Watford City, ND
July 8, 1945

Dear Christian

Received a welcome letter from you on Thursday. Many thanks and will now send a few words in answer. Is good to see that you are healthy, and we are all healthy, which is a lot to be thankful for. We have had enough rain the whole time so everything looks good. On the 3rd of July we got a little hail but it didn’t do much damage on the (field?) here, but the garden was damaged a little and apples were knocked off, but there is a lot left as there was a huge amount of them this year, and of (red current?) if it goes forward.

We were home on the 4th. Casper and Ray were gone. They were in Williston on the 5th and the 4th they were at Erik Pattersen’s place and celebrated. I have finished varnishing the kitchen so I am done with the housecleaning and that is good before it gets too warm. Thelma was here two weeks and she was going to come this week, but she didn’t come. She knew that we were going to hoe the garden. All the weeds grow quickly now. Ole Nyland is in the hospital in Bismarck. He has a kidney illness and they can’t do anything for him, so it is uncertain how long he will live. He has had it for a long time. Nils Walla is at home again. They couldn’t do much for him. He is sick with bladder trouble. He wasn’t in church today either. He was sitting on the steps. We saw him when we went home. We were in church and Karlstad had a good service and the Nylands were there also, but they don’t come often. We were at Jens’s place and had coffee. Margaret is there now. Preaching and chattering away as before. (It apparently makes no difference that dear Henry has given his life so that the U.S. could be a better place to live in?). Karlstad wanted your address so you will probably get a letter from him in a little while.

*The sentence in parenthesis is unclear. What seems to be written is: Det er nok ingen forskjen om kjære Henry har givet sit liv for u s skulde blive en bedre plads at leve i. “Forskjen” is the word that throws us off. We’re not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but it’s close to forskjell, which means difference, so that’s our guess.