6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains


7-15-1945 7-15-1945p2 7-15-1945p3 7-15-1945p4Dear Christian,
Shall now attempt to write some words to you again. When I last wrote I wrote to both you and Henry–hadn’t thought that it would be the last time I wrote to him, he thanked me for the letter the last time he wrote home. It was a heavy blow that (?) such a boy was shot and killed by the Germans. Began to have good hope that he would have soon gotten permission to come home when the Germans were so nearly finished.
Have lived in the hope that I would be able to (unclear–live out?) my old days in the company of you and Henry (unclear) is a huge disappointment. I have surely been a poor father. Should have written more often to you (plural), have no other excuses in the evening I am tired on Sunday it is not often that I have time, now since Sunday afternoon I’ve been alone at home. Arnold and Mother went to Carl Melby’s, the others I don’t know where they are.
Oh could you still be able to come home soon? It has not been very pleasant to be for the past 4-5 years a tired? and feel like giving up at times, but have to try to keep at it a while longer–they say that after the rain comes the sunshine. It is quite hard to see a silver lining at times. Am now finished with summer fallowing, have plowed a good 80 acres, have been on the tractor a good part of the time(.) Casper has cut down 12 acres of wheat grass for hay which (stretches?) into the north (garden?). Junior Melby has just cultivated 21 acres of corn which we have on the (rented land??) which we mean to run cattle on this fall (.) We have 114 cattle now (.) They are looking good (.) Have had it good with the rain this summer.

The crop is also looking good. Have 35 acres oats which were (unclear) until hay (?) it must be cut in a week’s time. It looks like it will be good with hay where Adolph Johnson has (leased?) to help us some with the haying, also there is plenty (?) hay (to put up?) now that we have two (ball rakes?) and stackers so it should increase our hay (probably talking about the efficiency of haying with their new equipment) am sure that you would have liked to have been with us haying. When you come you’ll have to prepare yourself to dive right into things here at the old place.

Have a new preacher again. Have meetings (services?) each Sunday. Have services at 8 o’clock in the evening. We like the preacher. Joe Iverson and Verna sit together like old married people at the service.


That is about it for this time. So long until we see you!

Your father,

Carl Stenberg