6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Feb. 18, 1945

2-18-1945From    37081749

Pfc. Henry Stenberg

Co. A, 776th T.D. Bn.

A.P.O. 758, %Postmaster

New York, N.Y.


Feb. 18, 1945



Mr. & Mrs. Carl Stenberg

Watford City,

North Dakota


Hello to each one of you,


First I want to thank you for all the letters I’ve gotten from you this last week. Got two from Mother, one from Arnold and one from Cap. Certainly enjoy getting them. Keep up the good work. Also had two letters from Chris so I guess he must be getting a little more time to himself. Good to hear that all of you are getting along okay and I hope that you are soon over your cold and feel as good as ever again Cap. I’m still doing okay for myself. Had a wisdom tooth pulled about a week ago. It had grown in paralle (sp) that is lengthwise with the gum and had a cavity in it so it hurt whenever got something cold on it. (sic) It was a hard one to pull, but had a good dentist. My jaw was quite stiff, but is getting pretty good now. So you’ve gotten a colt. Yes, do suppose you have much use for more horses (sic) when there isn’t more of you around, but I hope and pray that it won’t be to long till there are some more of us around again. Hoping this finds all of you feeling fine.


Your son & brother,