6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Feb. 11, 1945

2-11-1945From    37081749

Pfc. Henry Stenberg

Co. A, 776th T.D. Bn.

A.P.O. 758, %Postmaster

New York, N.Y.

 Somewhere in France

Feb. 11, 1945



Mr. & Mrs. Carl Stenberg

Watford City,

North Dakota


Hello Everybody,


Well, another week has passed and everything is going as good as ever. It has warmed up quite a bit from what it was. Has rained a lot the last few days so there is plenty of mud around. Not to bad as long as we don’t have to stay out in it at night. Imagine it is still plenty cold there. How many calves did you have to take care of this winter? Did you have much snow? How did the mail man make out. Did he get snow bound this winter?


Tomorrow is Ole’s birthday isn’t it. How old is he anyway? Suppose he is about the same as ever. Better greet him from me. Is Olaf Leiseth still farming as big as ever? How about Elery is he still renting the Kinning place? Hoping this finds you in the best of shape. Good-bye for this time.


Your son & brother,