6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Jan. 14, 1945

1-14-1945From    37081749

Pfc. Henry Stenberg

Co. A, 776th T.D. Bn.

A.P.O. 758, %Postmaster

New York, N.Y.


Jan. 14, 1945



Mr. Arnold Stenberg

Watford City,

North Dakota


Hello Everybody,


Well, how are you getting along? Just fine I hope. I’m thankful I can still say I’m getting along alright. Just got your letter of Dec. 26th Mother. Thanks for it. Sure appreciate that you write so regular. Now I probally (sp) owe some of the rest of you letters too but I want you to feel that these letters are for all of you. I know I should write more to each of you, but seems that I have a hard time to find anything to write as it is. Good to hear that you get around a little at Christmas time. It seems that a lot of the time it gets so cold between Christmas and New Year that you can’t hardly get anyplace. You must have gotten a lot of pictures for Christmas. It sure is my sincere prayer that next Christmas we may spend it all together. Been two years since we left the states now. Good-bye then for this time.



Your son & brother,