6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

October 2, 1945

10-2-1945 10-2-1945p2Tacoma

October 2, 1945

Dear Mother Father & all at home;

Just another word or two to let you know I am fine & in Fort Lewis, Wash. now. Two N.D. boys & me are in Tacoma right now on a 2 day pass because they are so busy that they can’t begin to work on our records until Oct 4th. So they give us a pass until then. We are going back tomorrow cause we want to get out just as quick as possible. I mean its grand to be in U.S.A. but I am so anxious to get out of the Army & home that I am restless. It shouldn’t be long now. This week sometime. Its hard to say yet when I will be home. But just wanted to drop you a line & let you know where I was at. Suppose that you are sweating it out when I will be home. Well you sure aren’t sweating it any harder than I am.

This is a nice town here, has 4 Service clubs all run by churches that we found this afternoon already. Free coffee & cake in most of them. It sure warms my heart to come back & find swell Christian people like this. Well so long for this time May God bless & Strengthen everyone of you. As Always Chris.