6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

August 26, 1945

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August 26, 1945

My Dear Folks & Brothers,

Well Sunday is here again & I am no longer in the Cavalry seems kind of funny after over 3 years of it. Certainly am anxious to get back, but the way it seems it may take a long time yet. We are at a replacement depot sweating transportation. We ought to be home by Thanksgiving. Certainly hope so. The sooner the better so we can beat the cold weather. Right now I am sitting here sweating. So it seems funny to be thinking about cold weather but that’s the trouble been doing too much sweating.

In my last letter I said there was no need to write anymore. So will mention it again in case you didn’t et it. I won’t get anymore mail until I get home. The mail clerk will forward our mail to our home addresses so my mail will soon be coming to you. A real swell Christian boy from Kentucky got my mail job. He had been helping me off & on ever since Herman Boiter got wounded. So he was pretty well broke in by the time we left.

Awhile before I left the troop I sent home a box of all kinds of junk. It had a purse & a fan in it for you Mom. The rest you can set aside in some corner until I get there.

Sure do miss my mail even if we have been here only a week but the thought that we have at last started on the road toward home helps a whole lot. Am still using our Cavalry return address on my letters cause these depots don’t handle any mail for soldiers that aren’t stationed here.

There are some of the boys here with me. Wish there were a lot more, sure left some swell friends. One good thing is that there isn’t anyone left in the troop that has so much time in the Army as I have.

Well I wonder what this finds you doing. Busy as can be with harvest, thrashing & all. Prices are still good aren’t they? Well there is no use asking questions now. Cause you can’t write me anyway. Wait until I get there then I will ask questions.

Dear old Hank won’t be there I know. But God knows best & Henry will be there to greet us when we gather on the other shore. May we like Paul says in his letter to the Ephesians 6:11 put on the whole armor of God that the devil in all his clever ways will not in any way cause us to stray from the path that leads to eternal life. Lots of Love you Son & Brother Chris