6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

August 15, 1945

8-15-1945 8-15-1945p2 8-15-1945p3 8-15-1945p4Luzon Island

August 15, 1945

Dearest Mother, Father & all at home;

At last the event that we have waited & prayed so long for came. The war is over. Heard it about noon today & now its about 8-Oclock and I just can’t believe it yet. This war has been going on so long that it doesn’t seem like we have ever had any peace. How I do praise & thank God at last this old killing is over & now when I have 87 points it shouldn’t be too long before I will be headed for loved ones & home. By the way, I been thinking I should tell you that you will be getting a letter from the war department about the Bronze Star award that I am getting so don’t let it scare you when it comes.

April [should be August] 19, 1945

Well Mom & all the rest of you at home. How are you all today? It’s a nice day here, only its too hot. I didn’t get to finish this letter the other night. But I felt so good when the war ended that I just had to write a few words.

Things are going quite a bit the same as before now after the excitement has died down a little. Well I am happy but I would be a lot happier yet if good old Hank would have been spared. It seems like there is always something happening to keep a person from becoming supremely happy in this world. That’s why we should build & plan our lives for the next world. May we through Jesus live better lives day by day. That we may make this world a better place to live in.

We are still enjoying some fine meetings here. Wish I could get away to go more often. But I have been doing pretty good.

By now I am sure you are hard at it harvesting. How did the crop turn out? Heard it was a little dry for awhile. Have you made any more plans on how many cattle to sell this fall? Wish I could get there & talk & talk in person. But God only knows when you can look for me but thank God no more fighting. We must carry on in the best way we can & even if the going is a little rough at times. The joy & only true peace one can have in this world is if we live a Christian life…Phil 4th Chap. As Always Love Chris (over)

Alfred Rikustad just came to see me so we are going to have another good visit. He says to tell you hello.