6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Aug 12, 1945

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Aug 12, 1945

Dearest Mother, Father & Brothers

Another Sunday is here & I am feeling the best I have since the tragic news about Henry. The war news sounds like Japan might quit & I did get my bronze star. So now that will make me 87 points. How I hope & pray that will soon bring me home. But you know the Army they take their time & its not until they get good & ready to let you go that they do. Still how I do praise & thank God that my fighting days are over. Even if Japan doesn’t quit fighting I don’t think anyone eligible for discharge will have to fight anymore.

How are the crops? Heard it was a little hot & dry during the last of July. Hope it turns out pretty fair.

How is the cattle & horses doing? If the war should end don’t you think it would be a good idea if you sold off some of the cattle. It doesn’t take long to grow them back in and am sure prices will go down after this war. You must be tired of working so hard too. Cattle & wheat prices are still high aren’t they?

Went to the dentist last Tuesday & had my teeth cleaned & filled. Had one tooth with a hole in it, so I got it filled. So my teeth should be O.K. for awhile again. Am sending 40 dollars home again, so next time you go to Williston please put it in the bank for me.

Its sure plenty hot down here but get along pretty good living in tents they are quite cool. Today we went swimming for about 2 hours. Had a good time. We have a real good place to swim only about a 15 minute walk from Camp. It’s a stream about 25 yards wide & so deep we can’t find the bottom in places.

Hoping & praying this finds you all in the best of health & by the time you get this letter may the whole world be at peace & may the peace that passeth all understanding be in the hearts of many men & women. Phil 4:7 Love Chris