6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

August 6, 1945

8-6-1945 8-6-1945p2 8-6-1945p3 8-6-1945p4Luzon Island

August 6, 1945

Dearest Folks & Brothers;

Was very glad to hear from you again this week am happy every time I hear you are alright. Sure came in good time too—11 days.

There is so many boys around me talking that you must excuse me if this is full of mistakes. Some swell young fellows in here now. One of my best companions is a little freckle-faced 19-year old boy. His name is Henry Gilliam a cheerful little Irish fellow. Always goes with us to Church. Reminds me so much of our dear Henry when he was young.

Ray are you still working for the highway department? Don’t let your work or companions keep you from going to church. Save your money if you can for I am certain the days aren’t far way when money will be hard to get a hold of.

Thanks for sending Thomas Kelloggs address but he is on another island here so I wont be able to see him. Got a letter from Dallas Hystad, yesterday, but can’t figure out where he is at. Don’t think he is here on Luzon.

Had a letter from Eilert [sp?] Walla not long ago. He too was expecting to come overseas. Wish there was something I could tell you for sure about getting discharged. Today the troop Commander told me he had put me in for a bronze Star ward for the good work I have done since coming overseas, so if it comes through which I certainly hope & pray it does it will give me 5 more points. That would make it 87 then I would be eligible for discharge. Still it would be hard to say when they would send me back to the States. Would certainly like to get back in time for Henrys memorial service. But you better do what you think is best, they usually have a service about 3 or 4 months after a soldiers death is that right? Or is ti up to us to set the day.

Lets continue on in prayer with Jesus along life’s rugged road. I will let you know right away if the Bronze Star goes through or not as soon as I find out.

Is the weather hot in N.D.? By now I suppose you are hard at it harvesting. Is it all done mostly by combines now or is the old binder still a common sight. Thanks again for letters & God be our strength & refuge. Psalm 46 Lots of Love Chris