6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

July 22, 1945

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July 22, 1945

Dearest Mother & all at home;

Was so very glad to get a mice long airmail letter, “Mom,” Sure thank you for it.

I know its hard to write long letters, takes time & often there isn’t much that happens during the week to write about. But I sure do love to get long letters & really appreciate them.

Certainly am glad that the crops & stock are looking fine again this year. Have had a long string of good years now. That’s really something to thank God for. Don’t know of a more pretty place anywhere than good old N.D. when it rains & everything really grows. Glad to see you have finished house cleaning & varnishing before the hottest part of the summer sets in. How is the haying going? Plenty of work I know.

How old is Thelma Melby? Is she big enough to do much work? Don’t suppose I would know a lot of those growing children around the country now.

How are all the Pattersons, Tills & those up in that neighborhood. Hard up as ever I suppose. At least Tills I don’t think will ever have anything to speak of. How is Erick Patterson doing? He is the smartest of the bunch. What about the Johnsons & the Mosbys? Are they all doing O.K. Haven’t heard from Pastor Karlstad yet. But no doubt will quite soon. Am looking forward to it. You can always tell quite a lot about a person by the kind of letters they write.

Have a real good friend here his name is Jimmie Swindle real small fellow & only 19 years old goes to church with us & an all around swell guy. He has a brother in the Army in Oslo, Norway and he has been showing me all the letters he gets from him telling about Norway. His brother likes it. Says its by far the best place he has been outside of the U.S.A. He has also been in Europe before & was sent to Norway the 1st of June. If any of our relations are close to Oslo & you care to write him his address is;

PVT Austin L. Swindle 38507084

Hdq. Co. Task Force “A”

A.P.O 544 c/o Postmaster

New York. New York.

These boys are from Arkansas & have been brought up in a good Baptist home.

Glad you got a nice letter from Mrs. Boiter. That Herman Boiter is one of the best friends I will ever have. He is in a hospital about 90 miles from home now. He had a compound fracture of his leg, and has been flat on his back since Feb 20, but hoped to start sitting up soon. Certainly did feel awfully sorry for a boy here in the troop tonight. He just learned that he had lost a borther up on Okinawa. If there were only something I could do to help him. He is a Catohlic [sic] boy so that makes it hard for me to talk much about the Bible to him. Surely know just how he feels. Always will I miss “dear old Hank,” and so will many thousands of other families miss some loved one.  May God have mercy on those leaders that plunge countries yes the whole world into war. There will be weeping & gnashing of teeth when they leave this old world & its none too good for them, all the awful things they have done.

Thank God, we will meet “good old Hank,” again some-day. In John 14:1-3 we have a promise that God has a place for all of us Christians. Gods word is the only answer to life. It will abide even when this old world passes away. How thankful I am that there is a Jesus who will lead & guide us all through everything.

We are having some fine meetings here. Last Saturday night two boys out of this troop in a meeting made a stand for God, today we went to a real good service then afterward about 8 or 10 of us had a prayer meeting.

May this find you all in good health & trusting in Jesus with all your heart. Sincerely & with Love. Chris.