6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

July 16, 1945

7-16-1945 7-16-1945p2 7-16-1945p3Philippine Islands

Luzon Island

July 16, 1945

Dear Mother, Father & Brothers;

Well I was out visiting yesterday so I didn’t get to write. I hitchhiked over to a hospital and visited some fellows in there after going to church in the morning. Then on the way back stopped at another outfit & visited some boys I have known ever since we were in Fort Riley, Kansas.

Is it raining much in ND now? Imagine you have been doing some haying & summer-fallowing. How about cultivating do you have much corn this year. Its good feed but lots of work. Hope you are all in good health & not working too hard.

We are taking it easy, go to church at least 3 times a week. Have some prayer-meetings in between times too. There sure are some good Christian boys in this outfit now. A lot of the new boys that have come in are a lot nicer fellows than some of those half-wild Mexicans we used to have back in Fort Bliss.

Have you heard anything yet about the critical score being set on this discharge plan yet? The reason I am sweating so hard is that the points were all counted & added up in May & that’s all the points we will get until they decide to add them up again. May God help us to be patient. I want to come home so bad some-times I can’t hardly stand it.

By this time I suppose there are plenty of boys being discharged. Some-day if it is God’s will I hope to be one of them. Dear brother Henry never lived to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. May we carry on the work he so wonderfully started by being more patient, calm, faithful & true. Some-day we will meet again if we only leave all things in Gods hands through prayer & by yielding ourselves fully to Jesus. Romans 10:10-13. Still in good health. God bless you one & all. Love, Chris