6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

July 8, 1945

7-8-1945 7-8-1945p2Philippine Islands

Luzon Island

July 8, 1945

Dearest Mother, Father & Brothers;

Will write you a few lines again today & let you know I am in the best of health. Sincerely hope & pray you are all the same.

Just came back from a wonderful church service. Its great to see what a big difference it is in a real sincere spiritual Chaplain or a more common one. Here were all the boys are away from their home & everything that influences them to do good they really need a preacher that is a little radical. Last night we were to an evangelistic meeting where we heard a real “Fire & Brimstone” service as we might call it. 7 boys came forward at the end of the service & took their stand for Christ, that does my heart good to experience & be in meetings like that.

Well how is everything in N.D.? Imgine [sic] it has warmed up now. Understand you really had a cold spring. That’s fine. I remember back in those dry years. It got hot so early & that’s why it burnt & dried everything up. I will never grumble over things like that anymore. Have experienced too many things where money or any material thing in this world can’t help you at all.

Well I still don’t have any idea as to when this Army will release me. Have been waiting to hear if they won’t lower the critical score. We heard they were going to lower it sometime in July but so far we haven’t heard a word. If they would only come down to 80 I would make it by 2 points. I think I have enough points so that I won’t have to do any more fighting & that’s the main thing. Right now we are in camp like we were Admiraltys [sic], just doing routine camp duties & will be for a long time to come & I sincerely hope & pray that when they do leave I am on my way home.

Am sending you a newssheet & pictures of our 1st Cavalry division. I have seen all the sights in these pictures & a lot more besides.

Is land prices beginning to boom? We heard something about that a while ago here & I was wondering if it were true. A lot of people that are in defense factories will probably rush to the country cause they know their jobs will soon come to an end. Well that’s one of the least of my worries. In my short life I have seen too many people grab onto more land than they could ever hang on to.

May God be with you through every day along lifes rugged road & through all the big & small trials of life that are sure to come.

With Jesus as our Savior there will be in due time pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11 Love Chris