6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

World War II Letters

What really initiated this whole documentary project is when I found letters that my grandfather had written during World War II. It wasn’t just one or two letters, it was 600 pages of letters sent over the course of his military service. I got into reading them and got to see my grandfather from a new angle: as someone my age, hoisted into an unknown and oftentimes cruel world....

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October 2, 1945

Tacoma October 2, 1945 Dear Mother Father & all at home; Just another word or two to let you know I am fine & in Fort Lewis, Wash. now. Two N.D. boys & me are in Tacoma right now on a 2 day pass because they are so busy that they can’t begin to work on our records until Oct 4th. So they give us a pass until then. We are going back tomorrow cause we want to get out just as quick as...

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September 27, 1945

Back in the Good ole U.S.A.!! Thank God. California Camp Stoneman September 27, 1945 Dear Mother & Father & Brothers; Just can’t believe it, but yesterday we sailed under the Golden Gate bridge & are now in Camp Stoneman where we were over 2 years ago when we were sent overseas. Tomorrow we are being shipped to Fort Lewis, Washington. How long it will take them to discharge us why...

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August 31, 1945

Luzon Island August 31, 1945 My Dear Mother, Father & Brothers, Will write you a few lines again today to let you know everything is going alright. Certainly do miss my mail but its not so bad when we are on our way home. Don’t think it will be long now until we get on the boat heading for the good old U.S.A. Just can’t believe it. Seems like this war has been going on for years. If you...

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August 26, 1945

Luzon Island August 26, 1945 My Dear Folks & Brothers, Well Sunday is here again & I am no longer in the Cavalry seems kind of funny after over 3 years of it. Certainly am anxious to get back, but the way it seems it may take a long time yet. We are at a replacement depot sweating transportation. We ought to be home by Thanksgiving. Certainly hope so. The sooner the better so we can beat...

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Aug 20, 1945

Luzon Island Aug 20, 1945 Dearest Mother, Father & all at home. Certainly am happy tonight to be able to give you some good news after all the tough going you have had. Tomorrow I am starting on my way home!! Have most of my stuff packed. Feels kind of funny to leave some of the boys, we have seen so much together, but when I think of home it isn’t hard at all. Boy oh boy I can hardly wait....

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