6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains


1/16/1945 Dear son Christian, Recieved your welcome letter today. Thank you so much. It was long enough since we have had any letter. Had the Christmas greeting so we knew that you were alive and we can understand why you didn’t find time to write. Hope that you can relax bit now, got a letter from Henry last week all was good. Hope that you get more of my letters, since i have written the whole...

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December 15, 1944

Dear son, Will now send some words so you can see we’re alive and all is well, and hope that things are well with you. We have pretty good weather for this time of year but today is windy so it’s gotten cold. The snow is gone so that’s good for driving the car. We were in Minot last week because Carl had such a sore throat he went to see a doctor but that wasn’t anything serios so we were in...

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12/3/44 Will now send some words so you can see we’re alive and well. It’s good weather so it is lonesome to stay home. Arnold’s at the Weltizins because Severin and Mrs. went to both Theodore (sp?) and Haakon and they didn’t want to leave Hans alone. There is song practice at Skari’s house so he will go from there. Carl didn’t want to (cut off?) go out with (farden??) and Casper went to town...

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11/26/44 Dear son Christian, Recieved your welcome letter Thursday and thanks so much, had been over 3 weeks since we had heard anything. But we understand that you don’t have time to write. Your letter was written ( den? unclear) We were home for Thanksgiving day. Casper was looking for Raymond Wednesday evening but they were in Fairview at the ball game and got stuck so they didn’t get home...

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11/6/44 Dear son Christian, Received your welcome letter today, thanks a lot, was good to hear you were healthy which is a  lot to thank god for. Were in Williston and deposited our money (?). You have 86860 (868.60?) and 275 in bonds. Hello from dales. Got some snow on the 2nd so it was pretty cold but it has begun to melt so hope it is gone soon. Have gotten the 860 a long time ago (?) $4 sat...

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10/3/44 Dear Christian, Will take time to send you some words so you can see that we’re the same as before. We are now done with the threshing and it is good since it snowed a little Saturday morning. They finished at O. Liset’s Friday so the rig was done, but there is still threshing to be done, and Weltzin’s have more combining still. The combine he got is a poor one (?)...

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