6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

July 1, 1945

Philippine Islands Luzon Is. July 1, 1945 My Dear Mother, Father & Brothers, Was very glad to get your 2 letters Mom this week. Written June 12th & 18th. Certainly appreciate every letter I get. Am thankful to God that you are all O.K. and carrying on as well as can be expected. How are the crops? Hope you have had plenty of rain. Have you done much haying yet? Am sure you have more than...

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June 24, 1945

Luzon Island June 24, 1945 Dear Mother & all at home; How does this find you all. [sic] Just fine I hope. Was glad to hear from you again this week. Thanks a lot. Please when you can write. [sic] It means a lot to me. I am in good health & doing fine. Have enjoyed some spiritual blessings too. Certainly am glad & thankful for the Chaplain we have been able to hear lately. Heard him...

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June 17, 1945

Philippine Islands Luzon Island June 17, 1945 Dearest Mother Father & all at home. Will write you a few lines again tonight to let you know I am O.K. & with Gods help am able to carry on. I don’t understand how anybody can lose a loved one & be able to carry on without Gods help. That’s most likely the reason people go completely into ruins. Drinking & what-not to hide there...

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June 10, 1945

Philippine Islands June 10, 1945 My Dear Mother, Father & Brothers; Received your very welcome letter, Mom, with doctor Wrights sworn statement that you are under his care. Sincerly [sic] hope & pray you are not suffering. I wish there was something I could do to make you feel a little better. At least I can say I am not working hard & still in good health. Am trying my best for a...

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June 3, 1945

Philippines June 3, 1945 My Dear Folks & Brothers. Well here I am again with a few words. In good health & hope you are the same. Have been to Church about an hour or two ago. Heard a real good message preached on the 6th Chapter of John. I suppose by now Raymond has graduated from high school. Certainly glad you managed to finish. School is a good thing to have. How big a class...

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May 31, 1945

Philippine Islands May 31, 1945 May we put our trust in God. Psalms 91:2 My Dearest Mother, Dad & all at home. Just a few words to let you know I am O.K. and last night a real good friend of mine wrote you a letter. He wanted to & I said it would be alright. He is a red-headed Norwegian. Paul Peterson is his name. Believe I have written home about him before. We have been together ever...

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