6 BROTHERS Documentary

A Story of Hope, Loss, and Perseverance on the Northern Plains

Aug 12, 1945

Luzon Island Aug 12, 1945 Dearest Mother, Father & Brothers Another Sunday is here & I am feeling the best I have since the tragic news about Henry. The war news sounds like Japan might quit & I did get my bronze star. So now that will make me 87 points. How I hope & pray that will soon bring me home. But you know the Army they take their time & its not until they get good...

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August 6, 1945

Luzon Island August 6, 1945 Dearest Folks & Brothers; Was very glad to hear from you again this week am happy every time I hear you are alright. Sure came in good time too—11 days. There is so many boys around me talking that you must excuse me if this is full of mistakes. Some swell young fellows in here now. One of my best companions is a little freckle-faced 19-year old boy. His name is...

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July 29, 1945

Luzon Island July 29, 1945 Dearest Mother, Father & Brothers; Was certainly glad to get 3 letters from home this week. Mothers of July 18th, Caps of July 7th and Fathers of July 15th. I just don’t know how to thank you enough. I have read every one of them a couple times. Pa you made me so homesick tears came into my eyes. If I could I would be home tomorrow but you know the Army. Can’t...

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July 22, 1945

Luzon Island July 22, 1945 Dearest Mother & all at home; Was so very glad to get a mice long airmail letter, “Mom,” Sure thank you for it. I know its hard to write long letters, takes time & often there isn’t much that happens during the week to write about. But I sure do love to get long letters & really appreciate them. Certainly am glad that the crops & stock are looking fine...

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July 16, 1945

Philippine Islands Luzon Island July 16, 1945 Dear Mother, Father & Brothers; Well I was out visiting yesterday so I didn’t get to write. I hitchhiked over to a hospital and visited some fellows in there after going to church in the morning. Then on the way back stopped at another outfit & visited some boys I have known ever since we were in Fort Riley, Kansas. Is it raining much in ND...

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July 8, 1945

Philippine Islands Luzon Island July 8, 1945 Dearest Mother, Father & Brothers; Will write you a few lines again today & let you know I am in the best of health. Sincerely hope & pray you are all the same. Just came back from a wonderful church service. Its great to see what a big difference it is in a real sincere spiritual Chaplain or a more common one. Here were all the boys are...

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